OUR MISSION: To teach kids the secret to success thru basketball

There isn’t a better tool to teach a child the necessary skills and work ethic to succeed in life than through sports. Self-discipline, hard work, determination, teamwork and good sportsmanship are only a handful of the many valuable life skills learned through sports participation. Unfortunately, anyone with a ball and a whistle can offer a league for children and many of them leave organized sports because of a negative experience or the lack of proper instruction of the game. KBA wants the game to be fun through hard work and training. Studies have shown that most children that don’t learn structure and discipline at a young age, carry laziness and lack of drive into their life as they become adults. We all know that hard work separates the average from the outstanding leaders. We know through our teachings that every child has the ability to be great with help from the right teaching, coaches and trainers.

OUR GOAL is simple: To put the skill back into basketball.

KBA offers the best by giving our all and instructing every young athlete how to be competitive by starting with working hard to separate them. Showing each and every child how it’s done and how it should be.  Through the KBA experience, we offer families an experience that focuses on fun, safety and convenience. Also, teaching children how to be little professional athletes.