KBA Kids Basketball Association Franchise

Based in Chandler, Arizona, KBA® is a business in the United States that’s all about making a difference. KBA offers youth Basketball leagues, camps, clinics, after school programs, KBA-Tots and private lessons for boys and girls ages 3-17 in today’s most popular sports: basketball and cheerleading. With our focus on hard work, fun, safety, convenience and good sportsmanship, KBA is reinventing the basketball experience for families across the country. 

    •    All skill levels welcome – tryouts & Drafts!

    •    Everyone plays – every game!

    •    Fundraising!

    •    Volunteering!

    •    One game per week - practice is conveniently scheduled prior to the game.

    •    Trained officials at every game.


An Experience of a lifetime


To achieve our mission of helping kids succeed in life through basketball, we believe the value we provide must go far beyond the sport itself. It must be about more than the rules of the game. About more than who plays what position.  


We focus on how the game is played, how much the kids learn, and how easy we can make it for the parents/kids. Kids Basketball Association offers an alternative for young athletes. We provide a fun, safe experience, in which kids can learn basic athletic skills, learn good sportsmanship, and increase their self-esteem. 


For Parents:

We provide a convenient, well organized program that doesn’t consume their family’s life.

More specifically, our programs are built around a 5-point customer experience.

The KBA Experience is defined as:


1. Complete Organization & Communication

  • Professional management of all programs – someone is always in-charge

  • Proactive communication - you always know when and where you need to be

2. Convenience

  • Easy registration online or by phone 

  • Once a week practices 

3. A Safe, Supportive Environment

  • Instruction by coaches screened with criminal background check

  • Trained officials at every game

  • Trained Coaches

4. Instruction in Skills & Good Sportsmanship

  • Age appropriate instruction in game fundamentals

  • Weekly sportsmanship value taught 

  • Emphasis on fair play vs. score of the game

5. Focus on teaching

  • Equal playing time regardless of talent level

  • Tryouts and drafts

  • Post-season participation certificates